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Torri del Benaco


Torri del Benaco is located north-west of Verona, about 38 kilometers from the city.

The town rises on the average Veronese coast of Lake Garda and is bordered to the south by Garda, to the north by Brenzone. The municipal hinterland extends eastwards to the slopes of Monte Baldo, to the municipalities of San Zeno di Montagna and Costermano. To the west the lake section meets the province of Brescia in Lombardy (Gargnano, Gardone Riviera, Salò, San Felice del Benaco and Toscolano Maderno).

In the hilly area of Torri del Benaco, going towards Albisano, there are wonderful villas that enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Garda. From there you can admire the Gulf of Maderno and Monte Pizzocolo. The Gulf of Salò can also be seen.

The natural context is really suggestive: you can admire palm trees, olive trees and hydrangeas. The climate remains mild even in winter and summer: the proximity of Monte Baldo allows you to enjoy the fresh air that descends to the valley. 

Torri del Benaco is a small town with a small port overlooking the Scaligero castle, open to visitors. Behind the castle stands the limonaia, one of the oldest in the world, where lemons are harvested to make the famous limoncino of Lake Garda, a prized liqueur.

A week spent in this natural context strengthens the spirit and the body: in fact there are plenty of opportunities to walk. From the villa you can take a path surrounded by nature, which leads to Punta San Vigilio or to Albisano and Monte Luppia. Nearby you can rent bicycles to walk the trails. It is also possible to make sailing trips with a professional skipper or with the comfortable boats that go around the lake.